5 days packed with award winning shows, chart-topping
Christian artists, New York Times best selling authors,
5 star rated accommodations, and best theme park of
the year for 2022!

Pigeon Forge TN Christian Entertainment For The Entire Family

Special Guest Renea Henderson. View more of her comedy at

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Let your family be entertained like never before! At Faith & Family Retreat, we have something for everyone: from worship evenings to interactive shows and country music shows, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone in your family. Enjoy the uplifting feeling of being surrounded by an atmosphere of joy and positivity with our unique Pigeon Forge TN Christian Entertainment every night of the week – without fail!
Get ready for the Faith and Family Retreat of a lifetime this July! Enjoy incredible nights of Pigeon Forge TN Christian Entertainment with worship, live shows, and country music performances. Transform your life and create lasting memories at our resort. With Faith & Family Retreat, you can be sure of an entertaining experience like no other!
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Space is limited! Reserve before it's too late!

Big Daddy Weave

Christian Music Artist

Alex McFarland

Christian Apologist

Tom and Ashlee Wallace

Jesus, Coffee, and Grace Podcast

Meredith Andrews

Dove Award Winner

Richie McDonald

Former Frontman of Lonestar/Current Frontmen of Country

David and Erin Jeffreys

Family Fit Ministries

Trudy Cathy White

Chick-Fil-A Mogul

Epic Entertainment

Live Interactive Game Show

Rena Henderson

Special Guest Appearances


Country Tonight Show

Mary Snyder

Host/Speaker Extraordinaire